"Finespun, a 4 piece band from New York who typifies the everlasting love affair we all have with the raw power, energy and emotion of rock and roll..." - Coca Cola New Artist Radio


...was a little rock band that turned into a multi regional act that toured America from 2000-2013.

I've often thought of what I would say here, from time to time. There have been numerous drafts, musings and versions of what you're about to read. Rewrites are a necessary evil as my tongue was born in Brooklyn, so sometimes its a struggle to walk the path of the righteous man.

Being in a rock band is something I always wanted to be like being in a family. Through my 25 years in music, I had amassed many family members. Many beggars and hangers-on. Many devils and angels. Many trolls waiting under bridges to rob you of your gold. Many wonderful people without whom, my life would'nt be the same. Dysfunction seems to be the root of the musical family, and we had so much of that, if I could open a store, I'd be a rich man.

In this band, over so many late nights and long drives and clubs that smell like last nights vomit and theatres that smell like fresh linolium, I have personally been lucky or unlucky enough to feel furious highs and horribly desperate lows. We had trouble. We were trouble. We had spin control and we had train wrecks. We had friends and we had such deceptive enemies that if you did'nt pay attention, you couldn't see it coming.

In the years that we played, the music industry made some if its most historical strides to date. CD's went away, downloading and piracy, and now streaming. To say it was the new wild west is an understatment.

I wrote so much stuff. 3am? I wrote. 7am? I wrote. I managed. I booked. I made graphics and logos. I learned web design because I had to. I learned life because I had to. I learned pain and happiness, because I had to. All of this in my writing, all of this tattooed onto my soul, all of this to color future choices and decisions in an involuntary manner.

There are people I'd still like to choke and one's I know I'll never be able to hug again. Without naming names, which believe me is the totally righteous thing to do, this is what's left. I'm very happy that my words and music still live in some of your hearts, minds and souls. I would like to thank all of you who came to shows, bought our stuff, let us sleep on your floor, fed us, let us shower - and especially to the kindness of strangers on the road who would buy us a new tire every once in a while when they saw us stranded on the side of the highway. There is no way for me to repay you guys, you know who you are.

"Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends" History of the phrase

"All I wanted to do was write some songs and play some music" - Oren Barak

If you've made it this far, you can reach me

www.finespunmusic.com as it stood in it's final iteration, last rebuild 2008/2009 - the news still works, some fun stuff in there, give a click


Released: 4/20/2001
Released: 4/20/2003
Released: 1/8/2009

Against The Fallout, released: 4/20/2005

This is an EP that was released to bridge the gap between albums as well as to generate sales money to keep Finespun on the road.

The final copy can be found here, on Amazon.com

Trivia: It contains the demo recordings of 4 Walls 1 Window and Against The Fallout.

Track List:
  1. Invisible
  2. Against The Fallout
  3. Bulletproof
  4. 4 Walls, 1 Window

The Last Album, Untitled, Unreleased, 2012/2013

Through line up changes and touring, 25 songs were written for what was supposed to be a much heavier follow-up album to Fracture. We recorded 20 songs, our bassist quit. We got a new one and re-recorded all his tracks. Then our guitar player left, forbidding the use of any of his tracks. He actually had the masters in pro tools, stripped his tracks out, and returned them to us with half the music. Obviously his tracks were so super valuable, that they needed to be locked in a vault. Sorry you couldn't hear it, it was a great record. If you contact me, maybe I'll share some of the rough mixes. You can always email me at finespun@finespunmusic.com
  1. Wait For It
  2. Save Me
  3. Never Had a Choice
  4. Already Over
  5. No Coming Back
  6. The Ties That Bind
  7. Watching Shadows
  8. Bleed 4U
  9. Dearly Departed
  10. Face Down
  11. Stop to Think


Before there was a video cam in everyone's phone, we had to use Mini DV and sometimes VHS (gasp!). We existed right before youtube got launched, but there's plenty of content if you go search "Finespun Band" on youtube.com. There are a couple of Accuvue comercials we weer featured in, people playing our song on Playstation's Rock Band 3, Lyric videos, show videos and more. We had a DVD as well that featured our best buy performance. Wanna see it? Google "Finespun live at Best Buy!"


The First Finespun Show


Here are some of the lyrics that didn't make it, ramblings from my notebooks, tributes, memorials and words from the 4th album that never got released...

Poised on the precipice of another epiphany,
Take a bullet for enlightenment,
These are some things that I had to get off my chest,
Sinner by proxy,

I Love It When U Say Things That Make My Eyes Close

Click title to read:
Alive In the Echos'
2 Red Cents
Already Over (for Leigh)
Bleed For You
Broken In
Dearly Departed
Top of the World
Don't Get Used To It
Don't Leave
Everything Good Just Goes Away
Every Word I Say Overflows
Between Me and My Habit
Happy in Grey
Between Me and My Habit
Later Than You Think
Letting Go (for Leigh)
Lonely (for Leigh)
Maybe Now...
No Coming Back
One Side, Two Faces
One Step Back From The Ledge
Open Ended
South Carolina 64
Standing In Place
The Story of My Life
Tear Down
The Edge
The One Who Waits
The Only Reason That I'm Here
Thinking Is the Enemy
The Ties That Bind
Top of the World
Upon Waking Blues For L
Upside Down
You Killed Me
Wait For It
Watching Shadows
When I Drink I Think of You
Who's Sorry Now

        Are my words too much for you to hear?   Hysterical ravings dropped inside your ear....


last updated 2011

The problem with the music industry is that there are not enough bands like Finespun.  They are persistent, hardworking and aggressive.  These gentlemen exploit every possible opportunity that comes their way.  When there isn’t a visible opportunity they have a knack of creating their own. On the bands latest CD, entitled “Fracture”, Finespun welcomed producers A.J. Resta and Karyadi Sutdjeta who were interested enough in the group to lend their professional skills to the product.


They're regulars at clubs in the northeast and open for the likes of Gilby Clarke (formerly of Guns 'N Roses), Wheatus, The London Quireboys, Hookah Brown (Black Crowe's), Kings X and For The Taking (Ex-Fuel & Apocalyptica lead singer Toryn Greene) and Tantric. They tour the US from New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, Austin and everywhere in between. In addition they have played showcases at SXSW( 2003, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011) , Millennium Music Conference 12, 13, 14 & 15, Miami Music Festival, and Cleveland Music Festival 2011.  As a result of this exposure and their continued popularity, they were also chosen as one of the top fifty bands in the country by Coca-Cola's New Music Awards. 

The New York based band is without a doubt a band to watch not only on the New York circuit but also throughout the nation. Finespun generates much of its stage presence and studio creativity through a sense of respect for musical inspiration.

The long-term goal for Finespun is to gain more fans and further extend the reach of their music. Offering tracks like “Hourglass”, one of the heavy hitters off their new release entitled “Fracture”, “Against The Fallout”, a ballad that speaks from the heart and “4 Walls, 1 Window” which takes a introspective look at ones frustration, success is simply eminent. They also maintain a very active website, www.finespunmusic.com, where you are always able to find new audio and video fresh from the studio. Finespun is a band that should be recognized as a band for the people with an ultimate goal of touching you with their music.

Finespun’s creativity has always been fused from each member. There is no turning back for Finespun. This bands mission is to play their music for a living. Singer and guitar player Oren Barak sums it up, “we’ve all dumped our life’s blood into this band. This is all we want and there is no alternative.” When asked about the opportunities that are present for musicians drummer Ed Grazi mentions, “independent artists get so much more assistance these days because of online services. There are so many more resources to embrace and exploit. You just have to get out there and do it.”


...At this time, Finespun is currently gigging around the east coast in support of their release “Fracture”. while prepparing songs for their new release. CONTACT US HERE