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Playing Rock Band

Play the song '4 Walls 1 Window' by Finespun on Rock Band Today! Just download it from the RBN (Rock Band Network) here http://www.rockband.com/songs/UGC_5007701

Read an article from our singer about how bad he is at the game! http://www.mystagemusic.com/open-mic/wow-do-i-suck-at-guitar-hero/

Read some consumer reviews of the game itself below:

Rock Band is a great way of experiencing what it is like to be amazing at guitar, with none of the intricate learning required. With this, users are able to play along with some of the greatest songs of all time, all they need to do is push six plastic buttons. If you have always fantasised about being the next Jimi Hendrix, but never quite got there, then Rock Band is for you.
Each new level that a player gets to demands that they use another button on the guitar and learn how to integrate it properly into their style of playing. At the start of a song, the screen features a stream of coloured dots that flow down it. The object of the game is then to push the button on the guitar that corresponds to the colour of the dot on the screen. If you get a note wrong, it will not make a sound, which means that it really feels like you are playing the song yourself.
However, once you advance to the more difficult levels, you must learn to play actual chords and guitar techniques. This means that it feels even more legitimate, like you are actually playing the song. The rock star feeling that you get while playing Rock Band is really powerful and while it can never be the same as playing on a real stage, at a party in front of a lot of people it can really give you some gratification.